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We have decades of experience handling car crash cases (motor vehicle accidents) valued from $15,000 to $10,000,000.00.

We take pride in believing that we get money for our clients that other attorneys don’t.

REMEMBER: The Insurance company doesn’t want you to hire us, because we will get you more money.

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A motor vehicle crash can be upsetting, but please follow these three details and we can help with the rest. 1. Get your vehicle to the side of the road and document everything with photographs of your vehicle and the other vehicle. 2. Call the police because you want a police report to protect your right to bring a claim against the other person. 3. Get medical attention at a hospital, urgent care or your doctor to document your injuries from the crash. And then call our office at 702-834-8000.

We will help you resolve your property damage claim, get your car fixed, get you a rental car and get you back driving again. We will help you find appropriate doctors for treatment through your health insurance or on the lien, which means the doctors get paid from your settlement.

Once your case settles, we provide every client specific written documentation of where all the money goes and help ensure that all the liens or medical bills are paid and so there are no surprises later on.

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Being hit by a semi truck is a frightening and awful experience, and then having to deal with the trucking company to get your car repaired, to get money for your injuries, etc. is almost an impossible task. Regularly we bring cases or lawsuits against trucking companies, discover their bad safety record, their lack of driver’s training etc., all of which helps us get more money for our clients. Most semi-truck companies handle their own claims in-house, so they are very difficult to deal with.

Many local attorneys refer their cases involving semi trucks to our office because we have developed a skill set for managing these cases quickly, efficiently and getting significant results. Please call our office at 702-834-8000.

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A Pedestrian at or near a crosswalk that is struck by a vehicle is entitled to recover money for their injuries. Most importantly is to document where the pedestrian was standing or walking when they were struck. All too often drivers look left when they’re turning right and don’t see the pedestrians crossing the road. If this happened to you or someone you know, you should immediately refer them to our office so we can investigate quickly.

Unlike a car crash, which often leaves debris on the road and the police officers can identify where the crash occurred, when a pedestrian is struck by a vehicle rarely are there marks remaining on the road – – the lack of forensic evidence can be difficult to pursue a claim on behalf of the pedestrian. This information needs to be gathered quickly with photographs.

We can help with all aspects of this type of injury with referral to doctors, having engineers look at the scene of the incident to confirm that the pedestrian had the right of way, understanding the rules of the road for the motor vehicle driver, etc.

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